In which I have conflicted feelings about a plant.

While I was at my parent’s for Christmas, I took home a poinsettia. You know, one of those stupid flowers that you try and pretend you like for Christmas and then your old Aunt Marge sends with you and then it sits in your house until it dies.

Anyway, my mom sent one with me. While I love them, (they are my Christmas guilty pleasure. It doesn’t feel festive without it) what am I supposed to do with it now?

I mean, I really think it’s sweet that my mom thinks I’m trustworthy with a plant but it just keeps sitting there, mocking me. It’s bright red and in my small apartment, I just can’t stop looking at. It’s bright red leaves are mocking me.

“Hey. Your mom gave me. You should keep me. Don’t let me die. That means you don’t know how to take care of a plant that needs no instructions.”

Hey plant, you should mind your own business.

So obviously, I’ve been watering it every time I see it.
Because I have a guilt complex.


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I'm a Millenial.
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